Rand I pronounced Rand-Eye

by Bob Bunce's Rural Delivery

Released 07/16/2017
Released 07/16/2017
Randy Bunce passed April !9, 2016. He left several journals with his rock and roll like poetry. His brother Bob chose 10 of his works to record with Rural Delivery. The CD will be released 7/16/17 in Trumansburg, NY at the Silver Line Tap Room. 5 pm show !

G'Won Git

by Bob Bunce

Released 2015
Released 2015
A collection of roots rockin' Americana tunes.

Rural Delivery

by Bob Bunce

Released 2014
Released 2014
Bob's follow up to 2012's "Come On In", brings 12 roots based tunes with tales of trailer park love and today's hard times, using retrospective story telling spiced with slippery slide guitar and in the pocket Americana grooves
Bluesman Johnny Adams sang, " It's kinda hard sometimes to tell the real from the fake - you don't know what's shakin', till you give it a shake." In a musical world made up of carefully posed personas and and well crafted branding, Bob's music stands out as honest to the core, standing close to the Ray Wylie Hubbard, Steve Earl, Tony Joe White camp. Bob lives on a dirt road, heats with wood, feeds the …
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Come On In

by Bob Bunce

Released 2012
Released 2012
Bob's "New Century Folk", is a shot of country and blues, with a folksum chaser.
The theme is that of life's ups and downs. Hard times mixed with those of a peaceful love. Bob embraces the New Century Folk genre with his release of "Come On In", a collection of 14 new Americana tracks. From the opening low-fi moments of the bottleneck blues based "Hurtin", to the jazz rhythm of the politically charged anthem "When the Water Ain't Water", he sings of hope with "Come On In', "Workin' On A Dream" …
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Bob Bunce
Bob Bunce


I got a hole in my pocket 

Where my cellphone used to live

All I had seemed to go that way

I've got nothing left to give


And when my ship comes in

And all my grows on trees

And I'm ridin' on that gravy train

I'll be down on my bended knees


I'll be high as a kite

And I'll be dressed to the nines

And I'll always remember

That zero is better than nothin' sometimes


And In this life, when things don't always add up

That's when we all get fed up

But you can find that Zero is

Better than nothin' sometimes


And when my days are done

And all my wild oats have been sown

And I have come full circle

With all the souls that I have known


And I'll be naked as a jaybird

But I'll still be wrestlin' with the signs

And I'll be thinkin' 'bout zero

Being better than nothin' sometimes

Bob Bunce
Bob Bunce


Ain't Got The Means


I've got a fishin' boat, a pickup truck

They be sittin' on my roof

The mayor tried to warn me,I didn't need no proof

I've been upside down ,all around this town and

Everything in between

Gotta find, find a way, Ain't got the means


Second line drinkin' wine,brass band is callin'

Politicians with promises, turf wars are brawlin'

All I had was in one room, walls a shade of green

Gotta find a way, gotta find the means

Ain't got the means


I thought about leavin' for a minute or two

All I got was them washed out blues

Yeah this is my home and I'm proud to say

I cry out loud about it everyday


Trailer in my front yard, I've got a levee in my back

Broken hearts, I've seen those busted dreams

Not many have come back

Back to Lousianna, back to New Orleans

Back to Lousianna, ain't got the means


Bob Bunce
Bob Bunce


Just One Of Those Things


By the fire, flaming desire

Shotgun sun, I'm on the run

Pasture was brown in our little town

And it's just one of those things, I close my eyes to see

And then I close my eyes to see


Gonna hit the trail, take my hat right off that nail

Get my butt up on my saddle

I've got your silver on my dusty screen

You are my everything, you are my in between

And it's just one of those things, I close my eyes to see

And then I close my eyes tom see


In my mind's eye, it takes me where I want to go

No one else sees and no one else can know

Before the sun sets down on my ole greyhound

Ridin' 'neath the moon I'll be home soon


My grass grew wild, I was a rockin' horse child

Aces and eights, I saw those pearly gates

Purple sage, I got those bunkhouse blues

Rustlers roost, I'm on the loose

And it's just one of those things, I close my eyes to see

And then I close my eyes to see


I lost my fat runnin' through the bad lands

though the canyon to the valley

This ole doggie was born to wander

And it's just one of those things, I close my eyes to see

And then I close my eyes to see

Bob Bunce
Bob Bunce