Bob Bunce and Rural Delivery



Rural Delivery

by Bob Bunce

Released 2014
Released 2014
Bob's follow up to 2012's "Come On In", brings 12 roots based tunes with tales of trailer park love and today's hard times, using retrospective story telling spiced with slippery slide guitar and in the pocket Americana grooves
Bluesman Johnny Adams sang, " It's kinda hard sometimes to tell the real from the fake - you don't know what's shakin', till you give it a shake." In a musical world made up of carefully posed personas and and well crafted branding, Bob's music stands out as honest to the core, standing close to the Ray Wylie Hubbard, Steve Earl, Tony Joe White camp. Bob lives on a dirt road, heats with wood, feeds the chickens , makes his electricity from the sun, and writes songs about cats eating snakes, girls dancing on tables, picking yourelf up by your bootstraps, being a family disgrace, hard times, lovin' your darlin', hittin' the road, and feelin' good about things that you used to feel bad about. Call it real. Call it authentic.