Aint got the means

Bob Bunce
Bob Bunce


Ain't Got The Means


I've got a fishin' boat, a pickup truck

They be sittin' on my roof

The mayor tried to warn me,I didn't need no proof

I've been upside down ,all around this town and

Everything in between

Gotta find, find a way, Ain't got the means


Second line drinkin' wine,brass band is callin'

Politicians with promises, turf wars are brawlin'

All I had was in one room, walls a shade of green

Gotta find a way, gotta find the means

Ain't got the means


I thought about leavin' for a minute or two

All I got was them washed out blues

Yeah this is my home and I'm proud to say

I cry out loud about it everyday


Trailer in my front yard, I've got a levee in my back

Broken hearts, I've seen those busted dreams

Not many have come back

Back to Lousianna, back to New Orleans

Back to Lousianna, ain't got the means