Zero x 2

Bob Bunce
Bob Bunce


I got a hole in my pocket 

Where my cellphone used to live

All I had seemed to go that way

I've got nothing left to give


And when my ship comes in

And all my grows on trees

And I'm ridin' on that gravy train

I'll be down on my bended knees


I'll be high as a kite

And I'll be dressed to the nines

And I'll always remember

That zero is better than nothin' sometimes


And In this life, when things don't always add up

That's when we all get fed up

But you can find that Zero is

Better than nothin' sometimes


And when my days are done

And all my wild oats have been sown

And I have come full circle

With all the souls that I have known


And I'll be naked as a jaybird

But I'll still be wrestlin' with the signs

And I'll be thinkin' 'bout zero

Being better than nothin' sometimes