All is forgiven

by Randi and Bob Bunce

All is forgiven  All is well.         All those coins in the wishing well. All you forsaken. All I can tell. All the cracks in the liberty bell.

Are you forgiven ? Are you well ? Are you on that highway to hell ? Are you a rebel ? Are you for sale ? Are you ever gonna tell your tale?

If you skip a stone across the water and it doesen't reach the other side. If you skip out on your wife and your daughter, you'll be over your head in no time.

Nothing forgotten. Nothing is free. Nothing can come between you and me.Nothing you've gotten. Nothing you keep. Nothing means nothing and thats all that you see

If you don't drop out this time it's forever. And forever is a mighty long time. If you can't mend what you put together, ypu can't keep saying goodbye.

All the wheels are driven. All the trees are felled. All axes are ground just as well. All of your magic.All of your spells. All the times I wished in your well.

All is forgiven All is forgiven

This side of gone

I wonder 'bout those good old days Those leggless nights and those twisted ways. Can't remember where you've been. Memories seem to paint their  own scene. May be right and it may be wrong. I'm livin' here on this side of gone.

Take the pill and you feel alright. Pace the fire pit on a full moon night. A double dose is gonna' break your heart. I've had this feeling right from the start. Day turns to night from Tucson to  Macedon. I'm still here. On this side of gone.

Gone gone this side of gone I'm still here on this side of gone.

Slow down, I got that funny feelin'. A heart ain't made  for stealin'. In search I ride, I was born to roam. Ain't a creature alive in my comfort zone. I still have hope I have a song. This is my time on this side of gone.

I still have hope, I have a song. This is your time on this side of gone. I still have hope, I have a song. This is our time, on this side of gone.

Better Times


Well he came from a humble family Momma, she wore the pants           Daddy, was a tanner of animals.     Never lost a battle, in the great war

Fallen on hard times like all that we knew, with a code of pride and honor. Held thier heads high, in an old fashioned way, They had hope for a better day

So here's to better times, peace in the valley. Wind in your face and the water so pure. Wher good works are smiled on and new ideas can flow on, and wide open spaces, get wider each day.

He washed his hands, washed 'em of everything, Wiped his feet, wiped 'em at the door. Brushed the dust of his overcoat.Never lost a battle in the great war.