Cultivator has two big sets planned for June Bug Jump 2024. Set #1 will showcase new, not yet released material and some of our fan favorites. With our set #2 we will be joined by longtime musical friends and Cultivator collaborators for the extended jams that we all need. 

Live CD release 3/1/24

Available at Buzzo Music LTD and other fine establishments

All is forgiven

by Randi and Bob Bunce

All is forgiven  All is well.         All those coins in the wishing well. All you forsaken. All I can tell. All the cracks in the liberty bell.

Are you forgiven ? Are you well ? Are you on that highway to hell ? Are you a rebel ? Are you for sale ? Are you ever gonna tell your tale?

If you skip a stone across the water and it doesen't reach the other side. If you skip out on your wife and your daughter, you'll be over your head in no time.

Nothing forgotten. Nothing is free. Nothing can come between you and me.Nothing you've gotten. Nothing you keep. Nothing means nothing and thats all that you see

If you don't drop out this time it's forever. And forever is a mighty long time. If you can't mend what you put together, ypu can't keep saying goodbye.

All the wheels are driven. All the trees are felled. All axes are ground just as well. All of your magic.All of your spells. All the times I wished in your well.

All is forgiven All is forgiven